System Shock 1 Tales
Ghiran - By: Kevin R. Czarnecki
Unrest - By: Chris S.
The Iterative Man - By RocketMan

What if? (SS2 Concepts)
Story #1- By: "Badman"
Story #2- By Tristan Blease
Story #3- By: "Lord-Reaper"
Story #4- By: "Thexder"
Story #5- By: Michael Goldsby
Story #6- By: George Shannon
Story #7- By: Andre Frey
Story #8- By: Aaron "Rataeva" Kelly
Story #9- By: Fongyee Long
Story #10- By: Philip Tan

System Shock 2 Tales (Contains SS2 Spoilers!)
Revelation - By: George Shannon
A Beginning - By: Lord Delekhan
Karpein - By: Nick Tancula
System Shock 2: Cortez - By: Tristan Palmgren
System Shock 2: James Watts - By: Tristan Palmgren
System Shocked - By: Christopher Hogarty
Curtiz - By: Cyborg Commando
Delacroix: A System Shock 2 story - By: Michael Feeney
Sundiata - By: Seldavia
Monkeys - By: Volt
Aftermath - By: Dopster
First Hour - By: Peter Cheong Choon Wah
Loyalties - By: Robert Skilton
In the Mind's Eye - By: Kevin R. Czarnecki
To Do What's Right - By: OoBeY
Indecisive Tactics - By Ghoul.One.Eight.Seven
Nanos - By Bedford
A Tri-Optimum Announcement - By Bedford
Run, Run - By Dennis Kurek
The Beginning - By Thomas Gillett
Skeleton Crew - By Andrew
Skeleton Crew Part II - By Andrew
The Beginning of the End - By Chris Foncannon
Skeleton Crew Part III - By Andrew
Shocked Again! - By Matthew James
The Beginning of the End Part 1 - By Sporto 78
The Beginning Of the End Part 2 - By Sporto 78
Shocked Again! - Part 2 - By Matthew James
System Shock: Return of SHODAN - By Alex Davidson
Insect - By Sam Morrison
Dischord Amidst The Song
Artificial Eden- by Craig Linwood
Shocked Again! - Part 3 - By Matthew James
The Thief - By Sikko Abbadon
Genesis - By averroes. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Full Story(.doc file))

System Shock 3 Tales
The New Threat - By: Ryan Lendon

Employee 2-4601 - By: "Digital Nightfall"
Cyborg Enforcer - By: "Digital Nightfall"
SS2KynetiC - By: Robert Johnson
SHODAN 2.0 a SHODAN 2.0 b / SHODAN 2.0 c - By: George Shannon
Who Are You? - By: Mark Sachs
Elite Cyborg - By: Mephistopheles
SHODAN (Get Shocked Twice) - By: AliCapone
Digital SHODAN - By: Chris Rose
Happy Birthday, Hacker! - By: Croce Todd
"In Question of Electric Love" - By: Psyco Path
Adrenalin Shock - By: Pasi Rehtonen
SHODAN Fish - By: George Shannon
Remember Tau Ceti 5 - By: Omer Joel aka G`len
Dan's Birthday Cake - By: Faye Todd (mother)
Shodan-Nara - By: Anie
I am Shodan - By: Anie
Circuit Breaker - By: J-V "FinnLion" Simola
Two Face Shodan - By: Markus
Regarding Oneself - By: Muzman
(Trioptimum announces) the OS of Tomorrow - By: Muzman
Waiting for a Shodan - By: Turbine Angel
Foot Solider of the Many - By: Spider-Man 4.0
AlphaShock - By: Crion
ShodanCircit - By: Crion
ShodanFace - By: Crion
Rage Against Divinity - By: BPeddicord
Fog Inspired by Shock - By RAPT0R
Inspired by Shock - By RAPT0R
SS2 - By Mojo Micro
Shodana - By JC
Shodan - By Joey B
Von Braun 800x600 - By mr_Thanos
VonBraun 1024x768 - By mr_Thanos
Tri-Op Desk - By MidiV
VonBraun2 800x600 - By mr_Thanos
VonBraun2 1024x768 - By mr_Thanos
Cortex Reaver - By Darwin2
Shodan - By S_Hole
Ambush - By EvilKodiak
Shodan - By EvilKodiak
Digital Out - By averroes
Digital Out 2 - By averroes
Digital Out 4 - By averroes
Von Braun SS2 Box Scan #1 - By averroes. (1024x768,1365x1024)
Von Braun SS2 Box Scan #2 - By averroes. (1024x768,1365x1024)
Von Braun SS2 Box Scan #3 - By averroes (1024x768,1365x1024)
Custom System Shock 2 DVD Case Exterior - By godismygoldfish
Custom System Shock 2 DVD Case Interior - By godismygoldfish
Cyborg Assassin - By Gehin
SS1 Mutant - By Gehin
GorTiger Mutant - By Gehin
ServBot - By Gehin
Hopper - By Gehin
Diego Cyborg - By Gehin
Zero-G Mutant - By Gehin
Sec-2 Robot - By Gehin
Despondent - By RocketMan
Parity Error - By Ajare (1024x768,1280x1024)
SHODAN - By Casharelle
Impact - By Ajare
SS2 Wallpaper - By Shodan
UNN Rickenbacker - By Shodan
The Human Joined to SHODAN - By Shodan


Humor Audio Remixs - By: "Tanaszi"
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