-Usable Computers, Info Comps, Keypads and Keycard Slots-
-By G'len-


Usable computers are easy to use - basically, all you'll need in order to have them turn off or on something is simply a "HackingLink" link between the computer and the targeted item (force door etc.).
You should also replace the original "Hack Text" parameter under the Gamesys part of the Usable Comp part of the hyrarchy under "properties", and you could change the Hacking or Repair Dif. parameters if you wish.

InfoComps: Add -> Engine Features -> Frobinfo -> World: Scriprt (I think this is needed... but I am not sure)
Add -> Obj -> HUD Use String: Training_Wheel_6 (I don't know exactly what this does, and it doesn't seem nescery. I've used the InfoComp sucessfully without this bit.
Add -> Player -> Helptext (Select a number. The numbers refer to texts in the infocomp.str in the strings.crf.)
Modify the CRF or create a "strings" directory under your primary Shock2 install directory and extract the file to there in order to change the texts).

Keycard: Add -> Engine Features -> Locked: True (mark the box)
Add -> Engine Features -> KeyDst (choose the RegionID of the card you want it to use; You don't have to use the rest of the dialoge box).
Make sure that you have Tweq -> ModelState in the keycard solt's properties.
Edit the ModelState property, and make sure that AnimS and MiscS are both "none".
Now, make a SwitchLink from the door's tripwire to the keycard slot.
Make sure that the tripwire isn't SwitchLinked directly to the door, otherwise the keycard won't work.
Also Switchlink from the keycard slot to the door itself. Place the right card somewhere within your level... and here it goes :) Keypads: Add -> Script -> Keypad Code (Enter the code.
Note that this is under the "script" menu, not under s -> script).
Then create the switchlink to the door. I haven't found a way yet to let a tripwire work with a keypad, but there might be one.


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