-By G'len-



About corpses, in order to make them look like... well... dead humans, add Creature -> Current Pose.
Select "Motion Type" in the scroll-down menu box, and enter "Humdead3b" in the "motion" field.( I do bot know wether or not turning on or off the "Ballstic" option effects the body.)
Now portalize, and you got a corpse. Note that you could use other motions if you like... look at the Motions.crf file for a complete list.
Creating a dead (non-spawning) Hybrid is easy, simply use a Human corpse with the right Motion Type, and add -> Shape -> Model Name. Put Grunt_s (or any other Hybrid model name, for pipe or such... just look on the Hybrids or midwives on the Object Hyrarcy for their model names) instead of the normal corpse Model.
Creating a "zombified" crewmember is easy as well - just replace the model of a living hybrid or any other monster with a Human corpse model (like corf_med).
The resulting creation will still act as if he/she has a pipe, and is quite quick for a Zombie, but I think that could be change with additional editing.


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