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I compiled this with the help of those gone before me with special thanks to NoCoolAlias for giving me the last piece of the puzzle.



1.The SFX>Terrain FX>Gravshaft>your choice has no real bering on the gravshaft. this is the little white dots that float up, so depending on your arcitecture, you may not even want them. Try and use gravshaft 4 and gravshaft 8 as much as possible because the straight gravshaft must be hosted as far as I can see. It can not be resized by normal means.



2.A down gravshaft is a room brush with room>gravity%:20 added. 2.1You will need to make a separate roombrush category for your gravshafts or all your rooms will have the same attributes as your gravshafts. Your first step should be to make a basic room, select it, hit create, add, enter a name you see fit ie. UGravshaft, ok, edit, now add the gravity. you will need a separate roombrush for the three gravshaft parts.


  3.An up gravshaft is two room brushes. A room brush with room>gravity%:-10 added and a room brush placed at the stopping point with room>gravity%:0 added and s>script "ZeroGravRoom" added.  
  4.The ZeroGravRoom script will not work until you have run "script_load allobjs" through the command box. Untill you do this, you will fly into the zero grav sector (which does work), bounce off the roof down into the up gravity, and be shot back into the zero grav, repeat ad nausium. It does this because, even though there is no gravit, the ZeroGravRoom script is not loaded, so you fly into zero gravity and maintain the same trajectory, inertia, and momentum as before. The zerogravroom script is what makes you stop at the top, and walk out of the shaft (you're feet aren't touching anything, so otherwise you're stuck)  

5.Be careful with the placement of gravshafts. As the center of a room cannot be loated inside another room, you may have to do some fancy room brushing to get some configurations to work.



6.The gravshaft noise is an ambient noise tag. Create an ambient noise tag (marker>ambient snd) and add property A>AmbientHacked and type in the name of the gravshaft noise which you can find under schemas in the object heirarchy (schema>amb_sch>gravshaft_ip).


7.While it is fairly easy to put together a batch of working gravshafts in a short ammount of time, you will likely need to tweek some of them as the placement of the intersection between the two brushes determines where you stop, sort of. It is also affected by the physics of the situation (momentum, velocity). Twiggle with them untill you stop with your feet level with the floor.


  8.If the bottom of an up gravshaft roombrush is sunk into the floor, you will begin to rise as you enter. Other wise, you may have to jump to get going.  
  9.The size of your gravshaft shouldn't be much bigger than the player can squeeze into, otherwise the character floats into the wall or corner and can't move until the top unless you add the zerogravroom script to the up gravity as well, which would allow them to walk right out of the up stream if they aren't boxed in. I'm not saying DON'T, it just looks, and feels weird when you're walking into a gravshaft, start rising, and bash in to the back wall, or drift sidways into a corner.  

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