-By G'len-


Building a functional replicator inside a ShockED level isn't that hard - except for the fact that only the upper parts of the Rep and the screen will appear.
Use Rep Base (or Base Rep, I don't remember the actual name) and Rep Screen. The screen is actually only decorative.
Also, place a generic marker where you want the replicated items to appear. Now, open the "properties" of the Rep Base.
Add Gamesys -> Rep. Contents (look at any original Shock2 mission for item names) to create the menu and prices.
Then add Gamesys -> Rep. Hack Contents (for menu and prices when hacked).
Make sure that the replicator has the Gamesys -> HackDiff (hacking difficulty) parameter.
Close the Properties window and open the "Links" window. Create a link, using the "Replicator" value from the Rep Base to the marker that you've created earlier.
Once this is done, portalize and the replicator should work (if you have put the right names).
Note that for the rest of the replicator's body you'll need to create some terrain brushes (or multibrush-copy them from an unstripped mission)


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