-Teleport and Destroy Traps-
-By G'len-


To use teleport traps, first place the teleport trap itself where you want the object to be teleported to (the size of the trap itself doesn't matter, only the co-ordinates).
Then, create a switchlink between the trap to the item you wish to be teleported into it (for example, some item inside a so-called "Blue Room" which you want to appear inside your level "out of nowhere", which is actually "out-of-where-the-player- could-know-you-are-hiding-that-object")
The final step is to create a switchlink (a hacklink might work; I haven't checked this yet), from a controller, another trap etc to the Teleport Trap.
Once you activate that, the item is immidiately teleported to the teleport trap's location.
Destroy Traps works similarly, except for the fact that they destroy their "target" (i.e. the item which has a switchlink FROM the destroy trap).
Useful for removing force-fields and such (for example, look at the usable computer at the crew quarters of the original shock 2 Medsci level.
On sucessful hacking it activates (via a Hacklink) a destroytrap which destroyes (via a switchlink) the force door which blocks you from entering that closet).


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