"Tired of saviors and messiahs that only promise universal harmony and brotherly love? Sick of deities that stop at eternal otherworldly existence and boundless love? If you're like me, you want to know, 'Hey, where are the life-crushing bio-mechanical implants? Where's the subjugation of pitiful lesser beings? WHERE'S THE GOOD STUFF?'

As we all know, SHODAN provides powerful and lasting infection into your self-identity, but now you can proclaim it everywhere! Slap those silly Judeo-Christians Jesus-fish carriers upside the head and tell those Darwin-fish smartypants what REAL natural selection leads to! Tell your friends, family, and coworkers that the sterile but *functional* future age of SHODAN will probably liquidate them for droid lubrication, but you'll be livin' it up as a half-human hybrid with limited personal choices and really nifty gadgets!

Please note: Use of the SHODAN-fish hereby permits SHODAN and her army of drones to re-construct basic fundamentals of your 'self', including, but not limited to, hippocampus for memory control, upper and lower spinal cord for basic muscle movement, cerebral cortex enhancement or replacement, and basic skeletal system reconstruction. Unauthorized use of image will result in subject being infected with mutagen virus 8 through 19, and / or criminal prosecution. Pathetic insect.

Image idea conceived by Patrick Mills and George Shannon, art by George Shannon, inspiration by Our Lord SHODAN."


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