One Of Many
Dischord Amidst The Song

Looking back, I have no idea how all of this happened to me. My name is... is... for the love of god I can't remember! All I can remember are shadows of my past. I enlisted right outa highschool, I was going to make something outa my life. I always had an afinity for psionics... I think. Because I wanted to explore my "Gift" I enlisted in O.S.A. They were gonna show me the true power of the human mind..
2 years of service on the research vessle De Vinci. I dont remember much of it... But I know my "Gift" began to blossom there. My psionic strength was far greater than my peers. I was idolized by some because of my prowess... And hated by others because I made it look so easy, but it didn't matter. I am what I am. Durring the second year, I was chosen for a few experamental implants. Nothing as invasive as the R-series but still equaly as "Un-approved" by the civilian government. With the implants my psionics quickly reached and surpassed the levels of even O.S.A.'s greatest opratives. I couldnt let them know, so I hid my powers from them. I knew the'ld eventualy discover me.. so I sealed my powers and wiped my memory of it. They could read minds... I couldnt let them have that kind of power. The implants were written of as a failure.
Finaly my third year of service came... I was assigned to the... ummmm... Rick... uhhh... Rickenba... Yeah, it was the Rickenbacker... Thats when every thing went to hell in a hand basket...

I awoke from a dreamless sleep. Ever since people started dissapearing I had been getting very poor sleep. I quickly showered and got my uniform on. I was due for gaurd duty on the Von Braun in less than 30 minuets. As I traveled to the Docking tunnel between the ships I noticed that there were almost no other personel around. It was quite odd, since there was usualy quite a bit of traffic in those corridors at that time. After crossing over to the Von Brawn, I jumped on the tram and started over to the recreational deck. After getting on the elevator, I heard a strange noise. Quickly I turened around and saw the strangest type of worm I had ever seen, and it was heading right twards me! A quick stomp of my boot put an end to its life. Thinking nothing more of it I got off at the recreational deck. As I was about to start my patroll of the athletic section, an E-Mail blared over my ear peice... "This is Bronson. Will all availible security report to the casino in the mall. It sounds like we got a riot on our hands people, so hurry!"
I darted over to the Mall bulkhead and opened it. The door was real slow. Maitenance realy needs to take a look at these bulkheads, I thought. After it was open enough to squeese through, I sped off to the casino. My god! it was in shambles a few people were hiding behind a counter. As I aproached them, one yelled out "Behind you, soldier!"... but it was too late. Some sort of strange beast swung a pipe and hit me in the shoulder! I staggered forward and fell to the ground. As it stood over me it mumbled something to the order of "we are, we are, we are, we are!". During this pause I had just enough time to aim a cryogenic blast right at it's head! The beast began to stagger around the place. I got up and delivered a kick to its chest and it fell backwards. As it hit the ground, its head shattered, sending razor sharp shards in all directions. One of which struck me in the arm, leaving a gaping wound. One of the people from behind the counter came out and brought a bottle of whiskey with him. He poured whiskey over my open wounds in an atempt to keep them clean untill backup arived. Shortly after, Bronson and her security team arived. "Sorry Maam" I said " looks like ya missed most of the action"
She gave me an icy glare and said "Looks loke those O.S.A. grunts can hold their own... well, untill they get a little nick!" She signaled for her squad to secure the rest of the casino. Due to blood loss, I blacked out...
I awoke in a medical bay, on a sergical bed. I felt like crap, and there was a strange growth near the wound on my arm. The lights were off, it looked like I awoke in the middle of the night. Alone... so alone...I felt... Then I heared IT.... IT was a voice... it said "You need not be alone... Cast away the cold emptiness of the metal and feel the warm embrace of the many!" Once again I passed out.. this time because of a compelling to sleep. After that there are quite a few gaps in my memories...
I know that I became one with the many, for I heard their voices... Like a symphony they were. Singing loudly, singing to me. While I slept, they probed that which was my mind. Digging deep into my past. Thats when it happened. They broke free that which I once sealed away... Then I did not only hear the many... but another voice as well... my own.. seperate... but equaly strong. My voice spoke "No! you must not submit! The many will do terrible things with the power they... no... WE HAVE!" With a loud voice I spoke to the many "That which I possess no power should have! I will not.. cannot yeild!"
The Many boomed back "How can one so deeply bound to us betray us? Your allies serve us, how can you resist?" I then spoke "I am not as they are. You speek of the weakness of the individual. Yet I, an individual, Have a strength that dwarfs that of The Many!"
"Why do you resist? The Individual can dream, where The Many can acheive!" spoke the many
I replied " as you say that the many acheives while the individual dreams... But to dream is to create! Why acheive meaningless goals when one can create something from nothing?"
"We shall see that which is stronger!" spoke the Many as they assaulted my mind.
A great war of wits ensued. A duel of minds. In the end... The Many began to crumble against that which I had become. The Many laughed "As we have fought, another who resists us prepares for the killing blow! As we shall die, so shall you! Your flesh in the end shall wither and betray you!"
I retorted "If I should die so another may destroy you, so be it. I am ready for the end! Are you?"
And so the mysterious "other who resists" struck the killing blow... Then came a new symphony... a "Symphony of Screams". With it also came pain, unimaginable pain... As the Many withered away, so did my body. For an unknown reason, as my body died, I remained. Perhaps I had outgrown my phisical body.
But like I said earlier, I don't realy have any decent idea as to why this happened to me...
I guess it doesent realy matter...
For I am what I am...


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