Story #7 - By: Andre Frey

Frey - 10.OCT 94 - It's over

.. .. CONTINUED...'s.. (cough) .. over ... I found the .. (cough) .. lair of SHO(cough)..DAN! Never thought to... (cough) ..... ... make it through. .........................................................................
The rays...... (cough) .......... oh my god ... the rays-----------------

- - -

Automatic system shutdown by Multimedia more input for 2 minutes - log closed - aborted.

- - -

TriOptimum - 21.DEC.94 - Internal Security report - Operation Clean-Up -

STATUS: TOP SECRET - Internal Security Level 1-2 only! -

Rebecca Lansing - 05.DEC.94 - Subjekt: Boarding report, Operation Clean-Up

To Mr. James Chaskes, Internal Security manager, TriOptimum Corporation

Mr. Chaskes:

Thank you for putting your thrusts in me. May I use this opportunity, to show you my deepest respect for you and your colleague, which you have ordered under my command to bring this delicate situation under control. All of these men and women, faced with that SHODAN-KI problem on Citadel station, have given their best to achive an acceptable result in turning away greater consequences from TriOptimum Corporation;... maybe even earth population! Personally, I prefer not to think about what there COULD have been happened, if that KI where able to succeed with its plans - a horrible suggestion!
It is absolutely inexplicable; a MACHINE, gone haywire, killed a whole station crew and planned to extinguish mankind.... There MUST be undertaken each and every effort, to NEVER let this happen again! I am very sad about the loss of all people onboard Citadel Station; especially Unit 2-4601, AKA Trooper, who died in the fight too. He battled a whole army of SHODAN's creatures and gave his live to stop the KI in the end.

Rebecca Lansing, TriOptimum Anti-Terrorism-Adviser

Included: Report of Mr. Tailor, Commander of TriOptimum Boarding Shuttle 3.

Tailor - 2.DEC.94 - Subjekt: Operation Clean-Up

Mrs. Lansing:

As ordered, my boarding-report of the separated bridge, Level 9, from former TriOptimum Citadel Space Station.

We've achieved dock on at the elevator shaft, 13:44 standard time. After sealing the shaft with the magnetic hold emergency tunnel, we breached the elevator door, which was locked by backup security systems onboard the bridge. Once inside, we discovered one kind of a mess! The walls of the *former* bridge where covered with some kind of a LIVING carpet, shifting and pulsing all the time! Exploring without proper envirosuit protection might have been resulted in immediate death through biological contamination. As I instructed my men to advance with utmost caution, we worked our way on through the different sections of the bridge. We made some horrible discovery, each dedicated to another part of this Level:

From our insertion point at the elevator, we first turned to the left, there we've found kind of a labyrinth; it shows up like a dump of scrap metal! Filled up with numberous Sec-2s, all destroyed. Must have been a furious fight. Closed to the centre of this section, we stumbled across an access panel, which turned out to be a force door control; more specific: Nr. 2

We proceeded on southward and found a small room with an cage in the middle. Inside the cage where human bones and it took us some time, before we could reach them to proof Identity. There was kind of an dematerialization unit, which was able to transport a single man in- and outside the cage. ID of the person was: Bianca Schuler

In the next area, we had to learn a bad lesson: Advancing south, we made it through to a big chasm with an PowerStation, connected (crawlway) to another labyrinth. In front of that part, we found some dead Cyborgs;
Modeldescription: 'Elite Guard'
They had been cut down by heavy gunfire; I assume RF-07 big slags. On one of 'em, I saw burn marks from a weapon of unknown type - must have been VERY powerful! I decided to order Franklin and O'Brian as an scouting patrol inside the area. Once inside, they reported small blips on their scanners, yet unknown. By advancing east and then north along the right side, they where attacked by small, fast moving devices; Modeldescription: 'Autobomb' Covering each others back, they reached the northern tip of the labyrinth, where they found another access panel, related to the next force door control; more specific: Nr. 3
They tried to return the same way back, but suddenly, the whole place seemed to be swarming with that bombs on wheels. The last message, we received was: "They are all over us! To much..... powersupply critically low....shields down-----------------"
Short after this message, we heard a series of explosions, then silence. I have to assume they are both dead. I've then given order to seal the doors.

Next, we entered an heavily demolished room. It looked like there had gone off several 'earthshakers' (at least three) and at the back, nearly crumbled to dust, another frightening machine. This one seemed to be once very strong, and I think, it could not be harmed by any means of standard weaponry. Modeldescription: 'Cortex Reaver'

In the western section, we reached the computerroom, fully funtional and still working. There was another Powerstation and, more important, an open circuit panel which was modified by insertion of an chipset; I do not know, what this one could have been good for. Further investigation through more specialized personal is recommended.

Leaving that room, we came across the opened central bridge security doors. We noticed a trail of dried blood, leading inside and to the north. I decided to leave that area alone for now, and instead exploring the surrounding sections first. To the northwest, Alpha Section, I send Scotts down into a small weapons cache, now empty. He could leave that area only by using his jumpjet units, for there was no ladder in that cache.

As we followed the trail of dried blood, we reached the most northwestern section; inside there was force door access panel, Nr.1.
Also seven destroyed Sec-2s, which where beaten by a powerful weapon. From the degree of destruction, I'd bet it was an M-76.

Back at the Securitity doors to central bridge, I ordered my men to use extreme caution, because IF any of that damn machines had been left, they would be inside here, guarding that centre. I was right. Entering, we noticed at once the area was heavily contaminated by radioactiv radiation, thus depleating our powersupplies extraordinary fast! While Stevens advanced further on, he suddenly died in a ball of fire, emerging from a heavy Ion gun. Alarmed by this incident, I ordered to split in two groups, one group surrounding the bridge, getting in on the other side. It took around half an hour, until we defeated the four remaining 'Elite Guards'. BTW, we needed to restore our Powersupplies several times, before we finally could overcome 'em! These cyborgs where heavily modified combat warriors; I simply cannot imagine, how ONE man should have been able to get through this bunch! We found another two of the machines destroyed before, not by us. In the centre of the bridge itself, we discovered the primary cyperjack, still online. In front of that jack was a dead man; ID: 2-4601, Trooper. His body looked heavily wounded through 20 mm cannon shells and burnmarks from the same type of Ion cannon, that killed Stevens before. The blood trail ends here......
From the degree of damage, I could'nt believe, how he had made it thus far! After securing the area, we deployed heavy atomic blaster bombs at all critical points of the bridge, to blow it upon order.

Report closed; Tailor - 2.DEC. 94 -

TWO MONTH LATER............

Lewis - 14.FEBR.95 - Subjekt: Alarming discovery

Mrs. Lansing:

I'm now able to give you an full report on the data caches from former Citadel Stations bridge, which where retrieved and brought back by Commander Tailor - and I have bad news for you! Since all data was cleverly coded and blocked by heavy I.C.E defences, it was possible to decode and restore it to a whole piece. There where many fragments, which seemed to be lost chains and thus useless, but it's much more than that! Running several tests, we've squeezed out valuable information on SHODANs emergency plans, if sort of serious treat should try to harm his central consciousness.

Now, this scrap of metal was kind of smart! The same moment, Unit 2-4601, AKA Trooper, set the reactor to overload, SHODAN starts a BACKUP-routine to transfer a 'clone' of itself into the few remaining CPU-nodes, located on Level 8, Security. These nodes where not destroyed by 2-4601, despite the logs of his system analyzer. He could not reach them, because there was no cyperspace tunnel connected to the area, where the locks for the three security doors had been. When the bridge was separated, the doors unlocked automatically and several 'Elite Guards' and Maintenance 'bots started to transport the nodes back to Level 5, where SHODAN had blocked off successfully the sequence to launch the escape pods. 15 seconds before the reactor blowed, a burst-transmission from bridge launched all three pods at once. We've made some painful calculations about acceleration of the pods and how fast and far the wave of the explosion could have been reached. We're not shure, whether ALL pods had been destroyed by the blast or NOT. We cannot say, what then happened and even the course is unknown, because short before destruction, the station started to rotate faster than usual.
A matter of fact: There where six remaining CPU-nodes, all located at Security, covered by Cyborgs and blocked doors, linked directly with SHODANs central consciousness for backup purposes. All six where launched by three escape pods, two in each. Current Status: Unknown.

Lewis - 14.FEBR.95 - TriOptimum Cyperspace Operations

To be ..... CONTINUED??


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