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Rules For Shock2 Fan Missions

All Shock2 Fan Missions submitted to TTLG must be correctly structured so as to be compatible with the upcoming Shock loader(s). These loaders require the mission to be contained with in a .zip file and set out with the following structure (as they are in your Shock2 directory), variables in bold:

\earth.mis - Your mission file. You can also start with station.mis or medsci1.mis
\yourgamesys.gam - Your custom gamesys file (if you have one).
\readme.txt - This is the readme file required in all FMs (example below).
\liesmich.txt - This is the German version of readme and is shown in the loader info window instead of its international counterpart if the loader detects a German installation.
\bitmap\yourbitmap.pcx - custom explosions & blood-splashs
\book\yourbook.pcx - custom MFD pictures.
\fam\familyname\yourtexture.pcx - custom textures
\iface\yourinterface.pcx - custom game interface (in-game, training result)
\intrface\yourinterface.pcx - custom game interface (loading screen)
\intrface\levelname\yourinterface.pcx - custom game interface (maps)
\mesh\txt16\yourskin.gif - custom skins for meshes
\obj\yourbin.bin - custom objects
\obj\txt16\yourskin.pcx - custom skins for objects
\objicon\youricon.pcx - custom inventory icons
\snd\dir\yoursound.wav - custom game audio (music, creatures, bitching_betty, weapon sounds, ambient & FX, player footsteps & damage)
\snd2\dir\yoursound.wav - custom game audio (emails & logs, triggered events & in-game cutscenes, training)
\strings\yourtext.str - custom in-game text

Please note: when supplying multi-language support, you need to place the translated resources into a subfolder named after the language (officially only German is supported by the game as foreign language). These will override the original (English) resources in the localized versions of the game. There is currently no special mission zipper program, so you need to do this manually.
The Readme File

Every mission must be accompanied with a readme text file. The readme serves two purposes:
Legal issues (copyrights and stuff)
Information - Tells the player what to expect generally.
The readme should be set out as follows:
Author: (yourname)
Contact info: (
Homepage: (optional)
Date of release: (Date)

Description: (Several sentences to describe your mission in a nutshell. This is what will be used to describe your mission on the download page.)


* Play Information *

Game: System Shock 2
Mission Title: (Title)
Type: (single mission/campaign, solo/multiplay)
Version: (revision number)
Difficulty Settings: (yes or no)
Map / automap: (yes or no)
New graphics: (yes or no)
New sounds: (yes or no)
Multi language support: (yes or no)

Briefing: (yes or no)
Total length / size: (if yes, state the filesize and length in seconds)

* Construction *

Base: (If you started building this mission from another mission, give the name of the old mission here)
Build Time: (How long it took you to make it)


* Loading information *

(Instructions in how to run this mission. Files should be set up in the .zip to make them work with a ShockLoader. If it is a Demo Mission meant for Dromed only say so here)


* Copyright *

This level is (c) by (yourname & date)

(example copyright info:) Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact. You may not include this level to any map pack without my permission. No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission. (Note that this part is up to you, just make it clear.)

This level was not made and is not supported by Irrational Games, Looking Glass Studios, or Electronic Arts.

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Electronic Email Addresses.
David "BigDave" Cornish / Brett "UnderTow" Williams / Tim "Fat-Burrick" Hall

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